Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Open Letter to Bungie.

This qualifies as a Rant.

Preface by stating I loved Bungie....On Destiny alone I estimate I have spent 800 dollars.

Marathon 2 : Durandal

I watched with horror, as a devout Mac User, at the time, as they capitulated to the huge number of zeros and reneged on their promise of a Mac first version of Halo...This should have been the tell tale sign.

I loved Halo...it was revolutionary at the time.
Halo 2 was ass....poor story confusing map textures.
I avoided the series after that until Halo 4 which was mediocre but played through once.

I tried the PS4 open beta of Destiny at was intrigued enough to buy it for PS4 & Xbox One.

Destiny is a brain melting anger inducing paroxysm of ALMOST.
It is almost mystical, almost hard sci-fi...almost awesome.

We were promised a 10 year arc where we could play our characters.
This is such complete and utter horseshit.
I got a low level light dude in Destiny 2 with none of my stuff.
Oh the tower is destroyed....cheap deus ex machina to leverage your shitty garbage on to us...
Just let the players play the game THEY want...not the one you want them to play.
Your excuse was the engine was too difficult...
This is another fabrication as you are using the same engine.
I have spent hundreds of dollars on Destiny.
I bought copies for friends and my kids to play.
Currently I am playing for my kids. Once they burn on your false promises and lies I am out never to play your garbage again....
But let us be clear...there are amazing things you bring to the table...
Your gun inventiveness is beyond reproach...except exotics...your exotics should ALL be awesome...and thy are not.
Your feel in the game is stellar.
Movement, jumping, supers.....all feel excellent.

Things you suck at that are making me leave:

All supers are not created equal and you have time after time weakened each super until it is a joke.
Now grenades stuck on a head will not kill....GRENADES.....stupid....just mind blowingly dumb.
Any super, by definition, should supersede....period.

We have none....
This video:

Says a lot about story and why it is terrible.

Nothing New.

You churned out a "sequel" which as NOTHING new.
We lost access to all old areas and content.
The new content even lacks things that were done correct in the first.
In the old you could do areas at a higher difficulty which added longevity to the game....now you do it once and it is pretty much over.

Iron Banana:
Ruined...no story progression like before...you just phoned it in on this and sat back...."uh.....earn the stupid tokens....hahaha they will do it." It is shit.

Crucible....where do I begin?
It is just a mess.
The one mode I like the most....
Control...encouraged teamwork even when not in a fireteam....
You gimped it at the gate by changing the values of held time for kills while in advantage.....garbage...
ruined the whole MODE....
Why don;t we have a mode where we can be bad guys (vex, taken, fallen, hive) and then flip the next round and average scores?
At this point it doesn't even matter....
I had held out hope when I saw the ending ending ENDING cinematic and we saw ships beyond the galaxy and we heard whispers of Osiris all through the campaign....
Maybe Osiris has been fighting on the fringe and we will see something super cool?
Nope......Vex palette swap.....OOOOOOH....real original, Bungie.
You know what I would really like from you Bungie?
I want you to listen to the fans who have spent HUNDREDS of dollars....
Give me the game I want STORY, BALANCE, ORIGINALITY......
Or delete my account and give me back the 4 season passes I bought for Destiny 2.
I won't ask for the play I have already done...that is my bad...I kept playing your broken game waiting on promises you never fulfilled (like a Stockholm syndrome or something). I have not used any of the season pass content.
So deliver a real sequel that I paid for, in advance I might add....
Or give me the money and delete my accounts.
You owe me 139.96.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Silent Age - Review - Game

The Silent Age

I need to add some caveats here.
I like the old school point/click adventure games.
This one also hits a bunch of tropes lighting up smiley places in me brainZ.
Time Travel, check.
Dystopia; check.
Conspiracy, check.
Non-Disney ending, check.
I really enjoyed this.  It was a bit short and he hero could have not had a pr0n 'stache...But it hit a lot of good things.  If the dev team ever sees this.  "Run Option Good.  Run Option on Controller AND M/KB is even better".  Well worth the money.  Pick it up: http://store.steampowered.com/app/352520

Awesome Playful Graphics.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Harry Connolly

An Open Letter to Harry Connolly

In response to his blog post here:



I hear a lot of what you are saying.

I started to follow your writing because Butcher mentioned you.
I became a fan because of what you PUT TO WORD.

Maybe you came to the UF scene at a bad time?

I have felt that Ray was a more realized character on the first few pages of COF than Dresden was until around the 3rd book of the Dresden files.
Fool Moon was a fine book but was a beat by beat repeat of the first...formula wise.
I have felt the stretch you have given your books.
They are NEW.
They are energetic and they challenge the status quo of UF.
I agree with you on the artistic success bent.....they are fine fine books that I will keep and continue to read.
I love the fact that your monsters are unique....you cannot go in with expectations.
You have to wait to see what it will be.
Maybe the casual reader does not like that?
I do...and you have obviously started to build a fan base that DOES appreciate that.
I have re-tweeted everything of yours about your books to bring it to new readers.
I post your releases to my FB and G+...
I do this not as an author who hopes you will do the same.
I do this as a fan who wants you to continue your success so I can continue to get new work from you.
It is a selfish selfish reason but I think you won't mind :-D
I have bought everything you have on Amazon's Kindle store and will continue to so long as you don't suck...
I don't foresee that happening....
If Del Rey won't give you the way to publish Ray's tale...give us other awesome books....but...
Please continue Ray and Annalise's story...somehow.
I know we have emailed about this....but....
I would certainly buy more stories/books about the explodey thief.

This is my opinion in a rambling sort of way...
Your post has bothered me all day as I was just contemplating re-reading the books now since I was gonna have to wait a year for new R and A....

Keep writing Harry....I'll keep buying!