Melissa, I, and the younger boys.

Celebrate 12 Years

12 years ago I became a wealthy man of heart. I was graced with a smart, witty, loyal, and beautiful partner for this journey in life. She has helped me be a better man, husband, and father at every turn on this road. I love you Melissa Donnell; now and forever.

Read The Dislocated Man. If you are an Amazon Prime member you can borrow it for FREE! The Dislocated Man, Part One For nearly thirty years, Jack Werth has tried to forget his twisted past. Now, a financial broker at T. Boonsen Equities and the father of two happy children, he relies upon the love […]


Rants on Religion/Morality/Movies/Shootings and the Like

My bud George makes a joke I don’t like….but I stay quiet and just observe until…. George Ward Yesterday at 5:30pm · so i heard the people at colorado’s batman premier were really blown away! Like · · Unfollow Post Christian Speer likes this. Amber Johnson too soon? Yesterday at 5:30pm · Like George Ward […]


Selling Space Marines

This is a big one. $125 Includes sprue sets IN BOX ofSpace Wolves ThunderwolvesFurioso Dread Lots of full sprues (not in box) ofSpace Wolves ScoutsRhinoDrop Pod I have lots of sprues from: Space WolvesDevastatorsJump Squad Just a bunch of stuff over the years.I haveForgeworld Death Company Rhino doors NEVER USED.Lots of decal sheetsLand Raider Crusaders.A LOT […]


Selling my Chaos Space Marines

Whew.Lots of stuff…Lords, Dreads, TONS of Sprues with stuff.No Deceptions…some sprues have hardly anything, Some have almost everything.There is one full biker only opened…never cut.3 oblitsNew fine-cast Nurgle Princea Baal-Rog as a daemon prince/Greater Daemon2 Khornate RhinosFinecast Plague Marines only cut off the sprues…still in their box. $75 Possessed/Thousand Sons/Nurgle Prince.etcetcetc Biker/Plague Finecast Sprue set […]


Selling Space Hulk

Selling my Re-Issue Space Hulk.Played Once.I have an extra sprue of Tyranid with it. $50 All Parts except Dice – Extra Nid Sprue Dudes