Friday, August 27, 2010

kindle effing 3

(01:29:10 PM) JerBear: work sucks 
(01:29:10 PM) Me <AUTO-REPLY> : I’m not here right now 
(01:39:19 PM) Me: yup 
(01:40:18 PM) Me: i want my fucking kindle 3 now 
(01:40:26 PM) JerBear: lol 
(01:40:28 PM) Me: I ordered the motherfucker weeks ago
(01:40:37 PM) Me: least they could do would be to give me a DATE 
(01:40:43 PM) Me: there is no DATE
(01:40:49 PM) Me: fuckers 
(01:40:55 PM) JerBear: maybe by xmas lol 
(01:40:56 PM) Me: it was officially released today
 (01:41:03 PM) Me: I just want a date
(01:41:14 PM) Me: called them
 (01:41:22 PM) Me: They said on or before the 8th it should ship…then she said…my order looked like much sooner than 8th 
(01:41:29 PM) Me: whatever that means 
(01:41:39 PM) Me: Shipment 1 of 2Not yet shippedWe’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
(01:41:51 PM) Me: but my COVER 
(01:41:58 PM) Me: will be here much faster 
(01:42:03 PM) JerBear: lol 
(01:42:04 PM) Me: Shipment 2 of 2Shipping SoonDelivery Estimate: September 1, 2010 – September 3, 2010
(01:42:11 PM) Me: so i can PRETEND 
(01:42:27 PM) JerBear: hahaah gaze at your empty cover
 (01:42:32 PM) Me: oOooOoOOOoO look at ME! I am REEEEEADING
(01:42:37 PM) JerBear: hahaha
Aladdin’s Story – Death in Vegas – The Contino Sessions

Saturday, August 21, 2010

State of the Strong Female Character

(10:58:49 AM) Me: Save Carmine has the lead! That’s right—if things continue as they are, a Carmine will actually survive a Gears of Wartitle. We can already hear the snarling. For many of you, this is simply unacceptable.

(10:58:52 AM) Me: yeah

(10:58:58 AM) Me: carmine saving is in the lead

(10:59:06 AM) Me: as of 3 days ago

(10:59:48 AM) JerBear: yeah that sucks

(10:59:49 AM) Me: this carmine looks like a bad ass

(10:59:57 AM) JerBear: lol yeah he does

(11:00:00 AM) Me: now

(11:00:04 AM) Me: if the option was.

(11:00:20 AM) Me: Carmine lives by using marcus and dom as shields and they die horrible whiny deaths

(11:00:25 AM) Me: I would be all about saving carmine

(11:00:31 AM) JerBear: hahaha

(11:00:34 AM) JerBear: well, you never know

(11:00:42 AM) Me: cuz

(11:00:42 AM) JerBear: maybe that is what will happen

(11:00:47 AM) Me: I don’t like marcus or dom

(11:00:49 AM) Me: at all

(11:00:55 AM) JerBear: lol

(11:00:55 AM) Me: I like cole

(11:00:57 AM) Me: and dizzy

(11:00:59 AM) JerBear: I don’t mind marcus

(11:01:01 AM) Me: and frostytips

(11:01:03 AM) JerBear: dom is a pain

(11:01:12 AM) JerBear: lol Frosty Tips is my fav

(11:01:34 AM) JerBear: I am glad Dizzy is back

(11:01:49 AM) JerBear: hopefully the chick characters are cool

(11:02:31 AM) Me: ugh

(11:02:34 AM) Me: doubtful

(11:02:36 AM) Me: are they ever

(11:02:50 AM) JerBear: the chick in Borderlands was cool

(11:02:59 AM) Me: it is always some anoerexic chick who can lift cars

(11:03:11 AM) JerBear: hahah that’s fine

(11:03:14 AM) Me: and is all “I want to FUCK after I throw this car at the bad guys baby”

(11:03:25 AM) JerBear: lol

(11:03:28 AM) Me: which I find to be lame as shit

(11:03:47 AM) Me: the one in Borderlands was the best first person shooty chick I have seen

(11:03:53 AM) Me: and even she had a bit of that

(11:05:19 AM) JerBear: I just wana chick bad ass

(11:05:36 AM) JerBear: like Baird… but with boobs

(11:05:48 AM) Me: which would imply a chick with muscles

(11:05:53 AM) Me: which would be cool

(11:06:10 AM) Me: and a strong WOMAN character would be cool

(11:06:11 AM) JerBear: the chick could play a tactical role…. less muscly

(11:06:15 AM) JerBear: right

(11:06:19 AM) JerBear: not girly

(11:06:30 AM) Me: not the bad little school girl hooker pr0nstar

(11:06:34 AM) JerBear: hahaha exactly

(11:06:40 AM) Me: that shit is tired

(11:06:41 AM) Me: OH

(11:06:42 AM) Me: Zoey

(11:06:55 AM) Me: Zoey and what’s her face in the L4D2

(11:07:09 AM) Me: those are the best female …. WOMEN in 1st person shooty

(11:07:26 AM) JerBear: Rochelle

(11:07:32 AM) Me: lame ass name

(11:07:54 AM) Me: but…yeah…those are the best women….well

(11:07:56 AM) Me: and Chell

(11:08:09 AM) ***Me goes to a happy place thinking about Portal

(11:08:14 AM) JerBear: lol

(11:08:25 AM) JerBear: Joanna Dark

(11:08:29 AM) ***Me comes out of happy place because Valve are douches and are not releasing Portal 2 until Feb

(11:08:38 AM) JerBear: effers

(11:08:44 AM) Me: Joanna Dark was a little school girl hooker pr0nstar

(11:08:56 AM) JerBear: was she…

(11:08:59 AM) Me: yeah
(11:09:01 AM) Me: lames

(11:09:03 AM) JerBear: I never played any Perfect Dark games lol

(11:09:07 AM) Me: but we have THREE

(11:09:10 AM) JerBear: lol

(11:09:13 AM) Me: and all come from Valve

(11:09:19 AM) JerBear: true

(11:09:40 AM) JerBear: I still say Lillith can go in that group

(11:10:15 AM) Me: nah…she has the whole blowing a kiss and prancing around like she wants/needs a dick in her

(11:10:19 AM) Me: which is the problem

(11:10:24 AM) Me: not….strong woman

(11:10:27 AM) JerBear: hahaha I guess

(11:10:29 AM) Me: I hate that

(11:10:38 AM) JerBear: I didn’t really see that part of her I guess

(11:10:50 AM) Me: dude…it is in the opening movie

(11:10:52 AM) JerBear: just that awesome laugh she had after killing some fool

(11:10:55 AM) Me: and the character intro

(11:11:36 AM) JerBear: Samus

(11:12:10 AM) Me: EXCELLENT! The original Samus

(11:12:13 AM) Me: that was AWESOME

(11:12:14 AM) JerBear: yes

(11:12:22 AM) Me: So we have 4

(11:12:24 AM) JerBear: w00t

(11:12:27 AM) Me: and 3 are from one company

(11:12:31 AM) JerBear: lol indeed

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crazy Pete and his epic scooter sojourn



You may remember Pete as the friend who gave the princely video card gift…
Pete is riding his scooter to the arctic circle for charity.
We designed some logos together and I said I would help him with music.
After I go and compose several little snippets of cool edgy electronica he uses a decade, or more, old peice that was a leftover from my


619 Came from those sessions:


I was quite proud of HYPER even if I did not achieve the goal of the hour long thing….
It worked well and some cool electronica came out of it.
Pete & Red Episode 2: Great Plain Flight [HD] Length:2:34
This is the vid using 619…
You should give to Pete’s cause it is pretty cool.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Larry Donnell was lying on the grass on sunday morning of last week indulging in his self defeat.
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Pen Draven
why pray tell ? Did you roll the 1d20 of life and get a 1 ?
18 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
My mind was thugged all laced and bugged all twisted wrong and beat
uncomfortable in three feet deep
17 hours ago · Like ·

Chad Cressey
Drinking ?
15 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Now the fuzzy stare from not being there on a confusing morning week
Impaired my tribal lunar-speak
15 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
ahhhh,, song lol
4 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
And of course you can’t become if you only say what you would have done
So I missed a million miles of fun
I know it’s up for me
about an hour ago · Like ·

Peter Waterman
hey everybody, look at Larry, he’s a musician!
about an hour ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
I’ve heard this said myself Peter
59 minutes ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
I am just shocked no one got this gem of a snippet….Steal My Sunshine was brilliant.
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Len – Steal My Sunshine

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dog Eaten By Man World

Rob Levinson The salty candy bite of snow crab wrested from the shell, sweet twinge of the blackest cherries, the warm smell of home in the fur of the world’s best Standard Poodles. Dinner at the Levinson-Wilson home. Life is good.
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Larry Donnell
Were you eating the poodles?
12 hours ago · Like ·

Rob Levinson
Why, do you have a good recipe?
12 hours ago · Like

Kathy Lyle
Is that Georgia snow crab? What about those black cherries? I might be drawn to GA for that kind of variety! Do you have an income tax there? 11 hours ago · Like

Rob Levinson
Who knows where food comes from these days? No matter what, the snow crab here is always good and always reasonable. Tonight’s was $6.99/lb, we got some for $4.99/lb a week ago. We do have an income tax, but nobody takes it seriously. Cash economy, barter, that sort of thing. Two chickens, trade for a carpet cleaning.
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Larry Donnell
(1) Ingredients
100g of boiled dog meat, 500g of gravy, 20g of green onion, 10g of a leek,
10g of perilla leaves, 100g of taro stalk soaked in water.
(2) Sauce
8g of salt, 2g of mashed garlic, 3g of perilla, 2g of red pepper, 2g of mashed
ginger, a little amount of pepper.
(3) Cooking instruction
After boiling the meat with gravy and stalk of taro for some time, boil again
after putting vegetables an d other ingredients into it. Before eating, sprinkle
pepper on it and put into an earthen bowl. The stalk of taro is to be kept in cold
water one or two days to get rid of its smell and taste.
Sorry for the late reply…I was sleeping.
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Shotgun – 7Zuma7

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spank That Ass

Jeremy Scharping Here we go again
Yesterday at 1:53pm via Facebook for iPhone · Comment · Like

Larry Donnell
On your own?
3 minutes ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Down the only path you’ve ever known?
2 minutes ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Like a drifter you were born…I can’t do that anymore.
2 minutes ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Of course you DO deserve the punishment of White Snake for using an Iphone device.
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Shotgun -7Zuma7

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Everytime You Use and iPhone God Kills a Kitteh!

Larry Donnell thinks that every time you use an iPhone God nukes a kitten.
That little status…..It prompted the most lengthy of threads on my FB EVAR!
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Ramin Arablouei
hahah..well that is certainly one way of looking at it buddy
6 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Ramin! How are you? How is the gig in MD?
6 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
too many damn kitteh’s about anyhow ;o)
6 hours ago · Like ·

Adam Kramer
4 hours ago · Like ·

Misty Donnell
Not funny!
3 hours ago · Like ·

Misty Donnell
Everytime i use my iPhone I hear harps!
3 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Those harps are the sounds of angels coming to get the kittens you have caused god to kill.
3 hours ago · Like ·

Chad Cressey
Everytime I use my iPhone I am filled with a great shame… I fucking HATE Apple… I should be saved soon from iPhone hell and be rid of this thing…
3 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
You may not like them,, but the sad fact is they make great products,, can you imagine the state of the phone industry if the iPhone / iPod touches had never existed ? Stale old phones doing not much badly and the mobile web would probably still be next to useles with those naff micro sites lol. (btw. I don’t own an iPhone though the 4g is actually the first one I’m tempted to get lol)
3 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
And then there is the draconian licenses. Now there is the FORCED agreement that if you buy and app you have to give your address to Apple and whomever they choose to give OR sell. As I have stated. I was an apple fan for MANY years until the iPhone/iPad evil. I am SHOCKED that people are allowing this. If you walked into Borders and grabbed a…See More
2 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
true,, though as many people have already pointed out…. A lot of this was for 3rd party apps,, AND most importantly you can turn it off with a swipe of your finger if you go into the prefs pane and choose to do so. At least thats what I’ve read here and there.As an aside I would sure hate to be over there though and stuck with the choice of AT&T or AT&T as a carrier lol.
2 hours ago · Like ·

Chad Cressey
YES! I am getting Android installed on my iPhone … dual boot the thing and be free of Apples BS!
So, Apple plows you in the ass and the Apple dedicated say, ” It’s ok cause its a nice product they fuck me with!”
2 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
Android,, because we CAN trust Google with our data right…. errrr right… rotfl
2 hours ago · Like ·

Chad Cressey
Picking my evil …
2 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
aye,, probably both as bad as each other to be honest. And they both suck.
2 hours ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
True enough…google vs. apple….google is by far the lesser….and this licence agree is a new one Penny…you CANNOT back out of it…it IS there.
2 hours ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
Oh I *know* its there mate,, but like I said,, from what I’ve read you can disable it on the device,, but without actually owning one I can’t verify the truth of it. Either way it is rather sucky,, especially the way you can’t get around it.
2 hours ago · Like ·

Chris Palmarini
For what it’s worth, from the license text:
“You may withdraw this consent at any time by going to the Location Services setting on your iPhone and either turning off the global Location Services setting or turning off the individual location settings of each location-aware application on your iPhone.”
about an hour ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
Well that is good enough then. Looks like initial reports are a bit on the alarmist side. I still hate the direction apple is going:)
about an hour ago · Like ·

Chad Cressey
Just give me 45 seconds alone with Steve Jobs, Howard Schultz (Starbucks), & any of the Walton clan (Walmart), 45 seconds and a crowbar is all I need to make the world a better place… put Tony Hayward (BP) in there as well… no extra time needed
10 minutes ago · Like ·

Larry Donnell
I sense much anger in you…..let your hate flow..
2 hours ago · Like ·

Conni St Pierre
or apple does. or maybe they’re just figuring that out, and it’s subtext in the new privacy policy. read the fine print.
about an hour ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
no one reads fine print ;0)
42 minutes ago · Like ·

Aaron Clements
This is Bob Barker reminding you to … use that iPhone…!
26 minutes ago · Like ·

Chad Cressey
No one reads fine print after you lodge a crowbar in the forhead …
22 minutes ago · Like ·

Pen Draven
to be honest,, most people probably wouldn’t notice
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Stop – James Gang

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MAINE - The Great Frozen Hell

Melissa Donnell That’s great that you’ll be up for Thanksgiving. I’m trying to plan a summer trip up, I’m just waiting for Larry to figure out if and when he could come. I hope I get to see you! Yesterday at 5:57pm Larry Donnell was not aware hell had frozen….did I miss something on slashdot about that? about an hour ago · Melissa Donnell So you are back to not wanting to go to Maine? 42 minutes ago Larry Donnell Want is such an odd word……to use with Maine and GO ….
I desire to see friends/family….I would rather they came here…I WILL go if I can….WANT…is NOT a part of that. a few seconds ago · Tune: Crawling – 7Zuma7

Calibre A REVIEW....sort of...

Gary: 1:55 PM     ’k. 1:55 PM     I take it you like calibre just fine? Me: 1:55 PM     I think it sucks 1:56 PM     but there is nothing else FUNCTIONALLY equal Gary: 1:56 PM     *nod* Me: 1:56 PM     like legless people running the marathon 1:56 PM     how good was that one legged dude hopping to victory 1:56 PM     he was functionally the best Gary: 1:56 PM     Hehe. 1:57 PM     In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Me: 1:57 PM     exactly:) Tune: Diamonds2000 – 7Zuma7

Valve, It IS Love/Hate.

Wednesday, June 09, 20101:16 PM
1:16 PM

1:41 PM     awesome….and by awesome I mean….every valve employee should be kicked in the crotch

Tune – Shotgun – 7Zuma7

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Profanity in a Script


Cursing bitch3z

There is quite a bit of swearing in my current revision in my 50 some-odd pages of script I have in Final Draft at the moment:
This profanity report should be used as a general guide to the profanity content of your script. Some of the items in this report may not be actual profanity and other real instances in your script may have been missed.
“Ass”  (2 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
8, 19
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Asshole”  (3 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
36, 37
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Bullshit”  (1 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Cock”  (1 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Dick”  (3 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
8, 17, 34
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Fuck”  (17 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
3, 6, 8, 10, 15, 16, 19, 21, 22, 27, 33, 35, 36, 40
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Fucked”  (1 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Fucking”  (18 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
1, 9, 10, 16, 19, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28, 29, 36, 41
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Motherfucker”  (1 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Pussy”  (1 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
It is spoken by the following characters:
“Shit”  (10 occurrences)
It appears on the following pages:
3, 6, 9, 13, 24, 25, 28, 35, 36, 37
It is spoken by the following characters:
Tune – Sway – The Rolling Stones

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Move to a Dreaded Foe

Casper Von Whitenstein
I have some issues.
The mac has issues with CS4 at the file sizes that I am using.  It was/is my firm belief that this is Apple’s shitty ass Quartz rendering engine.
My good buddy Pete :

Pete is an animal fan
Pete is an animal fan

Pete had given me an ATI:
ATI Radeon 2600 HD Pro
This is a fabulous card….and a princely gift.
This card works in Windows and linux…..I am a linux fan…..I know Pete will love this if he reads it since I am a rabid supporter most of the time….
I need Photoshop/Illustrator for this….Sorry linux peoples…..I have a choice to make here…
I can try and convince my wife to have us give up $1600 -> $3000 to get a Mac that will do the job well…..
I can buy a $300 PC and put this fabulous card in it……
You can guess which I opted for?
Good for you…I like my nads where they are…..
I chose:

Windows 7...I know right?

My experience has been mixed.  I have already had Avast fend off 12 trojan/viri…
On the plus?  It is working…..
The only thing I have not done yet?
Bamboo Pen
I have not tried that yet….
I has it…I used it on the mac…it was different…
I am not sure how I feel about using it to ink all the time….I love my pen tool.
I will probably use it to add a touch of natural flow to each panel/page.

Tune – Sleeper – Hotel Arrival