Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Move to a Dreaded Foe

Casper Von Whitenstein
I have some issues.
The mac has issues with CS4 at the file sizes that I am using.  It was/is my firm belief that this is Apple’s shitty ass Quartz rendering engine.
My good buddy Pete :

Pete is an animal fan
Pete is an animal fan

Pete had given me an ATI:
ATI Radeon 2600 HD Pro
This is a fabulous card….and a princely gift.
This card works in Windows and linux…..I am a linux fan…..I know Pete will love this if he reads it since I am a rabid supporter most of the time….
I need Photoshop/Illustrator for this….Sorry linux peoples…..I have a choice to make here…
I can try and convince my wife to have us give up $1600 -> $3000 to get a Mac that will do the job well…..
I can buy a $300 PC and put this fabulous card in it……
You can guess which I opted for?
Good for you…I like my nads where they are…..
I chose:

Windows 7...I know right?

My experience has been mixed.  I have already had Avast fend off 12 trojan/viri…
On the plus?  It is working…..
The only thing I have not done yet?
Bamboo Pen
I have not tried that yet….
I has it…I used it on the mac…it was different…
I am not sure how I feel about using it to ink all the time….I love my pen tool.
I will probably use it to add a touch of natural flow to each panel/page.

Tune – Sleeper – Hotel Arrival