Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MAINE - The Great Frozen Hell

Melissa Donnell That’s great that you’ll be up for Thanksgiving. I’m trying to plan a summer trip up, I’m just waiting for Larry to figure out if and when he could come. I hope I get to see you! Yesterday at 5:57pm Larry Donnell was not aware hell had frozen….did I miss something on slashdot about that? about an hour ago · Melissa Donnell So you are back to not wanting to go to Maine? 42 minutes ago Larry Donnell Want is such an odd word……to use with Maine and GO ….
I desire to see friends/family….I would rather they came here…I WILL go if I can….WANT…is NOT a part of that. a few seconds ago · Tune: Crawling – 7Zuma7

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