Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dog Eaten By Man World

Rob Levinson The salty candy bite of snow crab wrested from the shell, sweet twinge of the blackest cherries, the warm smell of home in the fur of the world’s best Standard Poodles. Dinner at the Levinson-Wilson home. Life is good.
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Larry Donnell
Were you eating the poodles?
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Rob Levinson
Why, do you have a good recipe?
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Kathy Lyle
Is that Georgia snow crab? What about those black cherries? I might be drawn to GA for that kind of variety! Do you have an income tax there? 11 hours ago · Like

Rob Levinson
Who knows where food comes from these days? No matter what, the snow crab here is always good and always reasonable. Tonight’s was $6.99/lb, we got some for $4.99/lb a week ago. We do have an income tax, but nobody takes it seriously. Cash economy, barter, that sort of thing. Two chickens, trade for a carpet cleaning.
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Larry Donnell
(1) Ingredients
100g of boiled dog meat, 500g of gravy, 20g of green onion, 10g of a leek,
10g of perilla leaves, 100g of taro stalk soaked in water.
(2) Sauce
8g of salt, 2g of mashed garlic, 3g of perilla, 2g of red pepper, 2g of mashed
ginger, a little amount of pepper.
(3) Cooking instruction
After boiling the meat with gravy and stalk of taro for some time, boil again
after putting vegetables an d other ingredients into it. Before eating, sprinkle
pepper on it and put into an earthen bowl. The stalk of taro is to be kept in cold
water one or two days to get rid of its smell and taste.
Sorry for the late reply…I was sleeping.
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