Friday, August 27, 2010

kindle effing 3

(01:29:10 PM) JerBear: work sucks 
(01:29:10 PM) Me <AUTO-REPLY> : I’m not here right now 
(01:39:19 PM) Me: yup 
(01:40:18 PM) Me: i want my fucking kindle 3 now 
(01:40:26 PM) JerBear: lol 
(01:40:28 PM) Me: I ordered the motherfucker weeks ago
(01:40:37 PM) Me: least they could do would be to give me a DATE 
(01:40:43 PM) Me: there is no DATE
(01:40:49 PM) Me: fuckers 
(01:40:55 PM) JerBear: maybe by xmas lol 
(01:40:56 PM) Me: it was officially released today
 (01:41:03 PM) Me: I just want a date
(01:41:14 PM) Me: called them
 (01:41:22 PM) Me: They said on or before the 8th it should ship…then she said…my order looked like much sooner than 8th 
(01:41:29 PM) Me: whatever that means 
(01:41:39 PM) Me: Shipment 1 of 2Not yet shippedWe’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will ship separately. You can cancel at any time.
(01:41:51 PM) Me: but my COVER 
(01:41:58 PM) Me: will be here much faster 
(01:42:03 PM) JerBear: lol 
(01:42:04 PM) Me: Shipment 2 of 2Shipping SoonDelivery Estimate: September 1, 2010 – September 3, 2010
(01:42:11 PM) Me: so i can PRETEND 
(01:42:27 PM) JerBear: hahaah gaze at your empty cover
 (01:42:32 PM) Me: oOooOoOOOoO look at ME! I am REEEEEADING
(01:42:37 PM) JerBear: hahaha
Aladdin’s Story – Death in Vegas – The Contino Sessions

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