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All of my books are now available in the Apple iBook store thingamajig.

Links to follow.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holy Employment Batman!

My bud Peter:

Has stopped globetrotting...for the moment.
He had to get a job.
Welcome to 'How the Rest of Us Live'® ©!
Make sure to point and laugh if you see him.

Friday, October 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Harry Connolly

An Open Letter to Harry Connolly

In response to his blog post here:


I hear a lot of what you are saying.

I started to follow your writing because Butcher mentioned you.
I became a fan because of what you PUT TO WORD.

Maybe you came to the UF scene at a bad time?

I have felt that Ray was a more realized character on the first few pages of COF than Dresden was until around the 3rd book of the Dresden files.
Fool Moon was a fine book but was a beat by beat repeat of the first...formula wise.
I have felt the stretch you have given your books.
They are NEW.
They are energetic and they challenge the status quo of UF.
I agree with you on the artistic success bent.....they are fine fine books that I will keep and continue to read.
I love the fact that your monsters are cannot go in with expectations.
You have to wait to see what it will be.
Maybe the casual reader does not like that?
I do...and you have obviously started to build a fan base that DOES appreciate that.
I have re-tweeted everything of yours about your books to bring it to new readers.
I post your releases to my FB and G+...
I do this not as an author who hopes you will do the same.
I do this as a fan who wants you to continue your success so I can continue to get new work from you.
It is a selfish selfish reason but I think you won't mind :-D
I have bought everything you have on Amazon's Kindle store and will continue to so long as you don't suck...
I don't foresee that happening....
If Del Rey won't give you the way to publish Ray's tale...give us other awesome books....but...
Please continue Ray and Annalise's story...somehow.
I know we have emailed about this....but....
I would certainly buy more stories/books about the explodey thief.

This is my opinion in a rambling sort of way...
Your post has bothered me all day as I was just contemplating re-reading the books now since I was gonna have to wait a year for new R and A....

Keep writing Harry....I'll keep buying!


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fractal Despondency

Fractal Despondency
By Trent Zelazny
 Fractal Despondency is a study in the despair of the human spirit.
Zelazny moves you through Blake's apathy in his life as he begins to feel. He traverses the depths of this despair as Blake begins to question and well with anger.
Blake is a flawed and brilliant character and I look forward to more.
Zelazny is revving up his Dark Engine.
Come along for the ride.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

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Tales of the Enochian:01

I have published another eBook.
This is:

This eBook combines the first two short stories with Josef, The Enochian"
The Secret Under the Hills:
This story begins with Josef tracking the first of his prey to a secret base in the hills of Colorado.
The Mystery in the Swamp:
This story takes Josef to meet another experiment and a possible future for Josef.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Junkie Love

I have released my first story on amazon.
This is a story I wrote....hmmmm...eons ago.
I cleaned it up and fixified the formatting.

Junkie Love

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sarcasm Buffer Asleep at the Wheel

Russ's Profile · Russ's Wall

  • Russ Parkhurst

    was just swatting a few flies and got this creepy feeling...what if God judges all murders equally so that swatting a fly carries the same penalty as blowing somebody's brains out with a shotgun?

    about an hour ago · Like ·
    • 4 people like this.

      • Micaylah Michelle Groulx He would be very lonely

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Jeanne Bangs Kasten or.... what if God doesn't really judge at all? And we're the ones who judge?

        about an hour ago · Like · 2 people

      • Misanthropic Humanist we're boned!

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Jeanne Bangs Kasten Definitely unsettling...

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Rita Scribner I've had that creepy notion on occasion, too, but have always dismissed it as too creepy for any sort of God I'd like.

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Ingrid Langlois I have the same feelings. The feeling of guilt still comes over me if I kill an insect. Lot's of compassion lives in this heart! I would rather read a post like this then one that speaks the opposite Russ. Thanks for this share.

        about an hour ago · Like · 2 people

      • Mike Kitts That is exactly why certain sects of Hindus do not kill anything, and go out of their way to Not consciously kill anything.

        about an hour ago · Like · 3 people

      • Russ Parkhurst Maybe I was a Hindu in one of my previous lives, Mike.

        about an hour ago · Like · 1 person

      • Ingrid Langlois I love that about Hinduism

        about an hour ago · Like · 3 people

      • Rosita Amaya Rescued a HUGE spider loose out of my bathroom sink, and he repaid me by inviting all his friends other to take over my backyard.

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Larry Donnell Maybe god is just a primitive wish fulfillment fantasy to explain shit we don't understand?...or as I refer to it The Magic Sky Santa Slot Machine

        about an hour ago · Like · 1 person

      • Buckshotbs Cake My ol' grandpappy used to say; "line up your enemies, boy, 'cause after the first, the rest are all free." Maybe that goes for flies too.

        about an hour ago · Unlike · 2 people

      • Larry Donnell That. is....AWESOME

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Rita Scribner Of all the world religions, the tenets of Hinduism appeal to me the most. However, my feeling on insects is: outdoors - it's their world; indoors is mine, & I'll react depending on the "spook" factor ~ if I'm sitting here at the PC, & a spider drops down on a slender thread in front of my face ~ he's apt to be sent to the karma recycling ctr.

        about an hour ago · Unlike · 1 person

      • Frank Normand Jainism places a great emphasis on non-harm of living things and will often have their mouths covered with muslin to prevent accidentally swallowing insects. Many Jains also use a small brush to sweep the ground in front of them while travelling so they don’t accidentally step on a creature.

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Larry Donnell Seems like a great deal of effort to go to the store to buy murdered plants you plan on consuming :p

        about an hour ago · Like · 1 person

      • Robert Boswell Put down the pipe and have some cookies.. LOL. 8P

        about an hour ago · Like

      • Larry Donnell Dude...those cookies have CHICKEN ABORTIONS whipped up in 'em....THE GUILT THE GUILT!

        about an hour ago · Like · 3 people

      • Mary Caelsto ‎@Larry Glad I'm not the only one. I always joke that we have chicken embryo's and bacon for breakfast... I did gently capture a spider in a tissue last night and set him free safely outside.

        58 minutes ago · Like

      • Russ Parkhurst I had a big plate of chicken abortions for breakfast this morning but I de-spermed 'em first by scraping as much of the globby white stuff off the yolks as I could. :)

        57 minutes ago · Unlike · 1 person

      • Larry Donnell I had LO Pepperoni meal was filled with a bunch of murders...plants and microbes and shit...I mean you know what they do to pasteurize milk? Heating and freezing whole nations of microbes...not even murder....I mean...maybe on the side but mainly it is TORTURE...and it TASTES EPIC!...and the number of plants they have to kill to spice my murdermeat? It is like a Xenocidal Buffet when you eat pizza.

        51 minutes ago · Like

      • Russ Parkhurst Gee, that's a coincidence; I'm fixing pepperoni pizza for supper. :p
        "You can get anything you want/At Joe Stalin's restaurant..." :-)

        47 minutes ago · Like

      • Larry Donnell I had sea spiders! Lobstah and Noodles. Why only kill them land animals?....EQUAL RIGHTS for the SEA DWELLERS I say.

        45 minutes ago · Like


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Ancestor Book The First

My buddy Tim:

Tim Greaton:

has a new book out on Smashwords:


Ancestor on Smashwords

Buy it!


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The ePub Journeys

…As most who know me know…

I am a writer…or try to be.

I have been researching my brains out trying to figure out how to make a good ePub that passes all validation checks.

I tried a bunch of pay for products.

I typed in a short story…and I mean short…like…4 pages.

This is a story I wrote eons ago when I was young and full of idealism.

…Bu products that create ePub files.

The one that looks/ed the most promising:



This is made by Anthemion ….

This is the same company that makes:


Writers Café’

Writers Café’.  That wretched pile of tripe.  I should have known better.

I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it would not pass validation checks…not only would the .epub not pass THEIR OWN check.  IT would not pass an external checker either.

I started looking at free tools and was beginning to feel I was going to have to hand craft these.

That was not a prospect I slavered over.



Bless you Sigil/Google Code.

It does not have a lot of fancy options but it DOES create an .epub file that will pass ANY validator.

TOC that worked on the FIRST try….

Here is a a nice, not completely, relevant tutorial.

Sigil Tutorial That Is Slightly Out Of Date But Still Good!


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Thursday, August 4, 2011


My lame ass Gears of War Cogs are in the mailz....I am so lame I am excited about this.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It Turned Into a F$%*! BLIZZARD Fest.

Nick McLaren  -  12:30 PM  -  Limited
Borderlands 2, but not until 2013! This is the epitome of "set up and let down". Was hoping for 2012. We have a work group that gets together on a mostly-sporadic-but-occasionally-regular basis to play Borderlands and it's really a lot of fun with friends. We'll have to find other games to play while we wait though!

Borderlands 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person role-playing shooter Borderlands, and will be released 2012.
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Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - here is to hoping it is even relevant at that point.
12:48 PM  -  Edit   
Nick McLaren's profile photo
Nick McLaren - I guess it MIGHT actually be released in 2012. Some contradictory text there.
12:52 PM   
Bruce Hennigar II's profile photo
Bruce Hennigar II - Yea it's fiscal 2013, which begins in April 2012. So ... maybe? If it was Blizzard I'd say definitely not :P
12:54 PM   
Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - AND.....they lost a shit ton of cred with me when I tried Duke Nukem Forever...that was one of the worst games ever imnsho.
12:55 PM  -  Edit   
Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - +Bruce Hennigar II BOOO BLiZZARD.....never buying another game from that venal pack of shitmongers ever offline play for DiabloIII...They deserve evisceration.
12:57 PM  -  Edit   
Nick McLaren's profile photo
Nick McLaren - +Larry Donnell - I rather LIKED Starcraft II actually and am looking forward to Diablo III. No offline play isn't exactly much of a barrier in this day and age. So you can't hex edit your character file anymore. I'll reserve actual judgement for after I've gotten my hands on the game. As far as evisceration goes, that might be a tad excessive. :P
1:03 PM   
Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - I guess I cannot understand the acceptance of something you purchase from someone having a dictate of how and when you can play it in a manner that actually cripples it. People SAY this is not a barrier but I have to wholeheartedly, unreservedly disagree with you. This is the issue that Sony faced with its environment. I couldn't even play PAC-MAN because their net was down. It was the same when my connection went out. I found it inexcusable then and now. I find it fascinating that people are willing to surrender basic common sense functionality to suckle at the teat of a company like Blizzard.
2:23 PM  -  Edit    

Nick McLaren - I fail to understand your logic.
2:46 PM    
Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - Would you purchase a car you could only drive on Thursdays?
2:49 PM  -  Edit   
Nick McLaren's profile photo
Nick McLaren - I don't see them restricting the game in such a way.
2:50 PM   
Bruce Hennigar II's profile photo
Bruce Hennigar II - I think he means the no offline play. If it works like any of Ubisoft's recent games, if you're not connected to the internet, you can't play the game. So if you take your lappy somewhere and there's no internet, no Diablo 3 for you. It's a limiting factor.
2:53 PM    
Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - How are they not? They will only allow you to play online with a series that has been BOTH from founding. Perhaps you have bought into the whole MMORPG thing ....but there is a large number of people who have not....i will bet you a thousand smackers that +Jeremy Scharping will also not be buying it NOW. I have played a lot of Diablo 1 and 2....NOT CONNECTED to their servers. Any game that restricts play like that is a sure fire way NOT to get my money. I don't care ...even if it was....say....Gears of War 3. if they did that I would not buy it...even though I am counting down the 10ths of seconds until it releases. I also feel this way about the insane DRM that UbiSoft has on its shit....I will not buy a single one of their titles...If I BUY something ...don't tell me how or when I can use it.
2:56 PM (edited)  -  Edit   
Jeremy Scharping's profile photo
Jeremy Scharping - He's right. I won't.
2:57 PM    
Larry Donnell's profile photo
Larry Donnell - +Bruce Hennigar II you are 100% right. I will not pay 50+ for something that is solely dependent on that....simply because some putz in a suit at Blizzard thinks it is a better way to "control" the game play environment. Fuck him.
2:58 PM  -  Edit   

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While we are on a 'HATE WINDOWS XP' Rant


I had to go and write my first batch file since....god...I have no idea ....98? 99?
Windows update fuxx0r3d my shiz with verclsid.exe. The solution according to MICROS~1?


Fuck That.

I am just going to kill it every 15 minutes.
Then when "I GET AROUND TO IT IN MY OWN FUCKING TIME" will replace this box with something viable.

C:\Documents and Settings\ldonnell>schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 15 /tn "VERCLSID KILLAH" /tr c:\Windows\verc.bat
The task will be created under current logged-on user name ("NURGLE\ldonnell").
Please enter the run as password for NURGLE\ldonnell: ***************

SUCCESS: The scheduled task "VERCLSID KILLAH" has successfully been created.

C:\Documents and Settings\ldonnell>

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Saturday, July 30, 2011


thinks Fiona on BURN NOTICE is one of the best characters on TV.

12 hours ago via Facebook Mobile ·  · 

  • Jeff Lyons likes this.

    • Jeff Lyons That is a good show.
      12 hours ago · 

    • Russell Belding What you always have to remember when you're watching a show like Burn Notice, is that the Charcters Are Welcome. In any given situation where a certain amount of time has passed during the episode, the time for a commercial will come. You know it; the network knows it. And it's only a matter of time before you're fast forwarding through the commercial.
      11 hours ago · 

    • Russell Belding The above to be said in the style of the main character's innumerable voiceovers.
      11 hours ago · 

    • Rick Russell okay, your second comment made that first comment work better. But I do love Fiona,
      11 hours ago · 

    • Larry Donnell Wow......really? I stopped watching it because they never killed her off. I loathed her so much I stopped watching....let me know if they kill her off....I will start watching again.
      11 hours ago · 

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