Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beginnings of a Cover

I be currently working on a cover …
sort of ..
For the Reds project.
I think Dave will be very pleased.
It has all the hallmarks of what we are going for.
Glazed, Lazed, and Not Quite Full of Praise – Wonderhead / Radium Dawg

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My wife Melissa:

Melissa and 2 of the 3 Boys

Has agreed to take some of our meager funds and help the audio get ripped down.

We are going to send off all the old tapes and W00t!

Audio to put into the 24 track studio.

I am beginning to think of breaking it into a few littler projects and see what the reception is.  I got real ambitious there.

I think I may just remix and add a couple tracks to Suntouch (1st Wonderhead release).

Then I will take the second sessions and do the same …only….I will be finishing it.

The unfinished Wonderhead CD; Amalgam

For the 3rd set….. Dave and I will just do that ourselves and have it be a new Wonderhead release along with the Wonderhead / Radium Dawg thing.

Tune – Wonderhead – Black Magnet (slotted for the possible 3rd,as of yet, untitled release)

New Wonderhead Album

The ADAT rip was a poor choice.  People want to charge insane amounts going over 1000 bucks.
Not going to happen.  I am having Eric program his parts so that Dave and I can fixify and humanitize that shit on the production side.

Larry and Eric (zee progamifier)
I have pulled a couple tracks that live on from the Busk/Green Logic era.

Green Logic performing.
Ok….one song from the Green Logic days.  It was an acoustic track I wrote when I was like 20.  I still think it is viable today.  I am going to have my son Tyler:
Ty is going to do some finger picking on it to liven it up a bit.
He is really quite good at it.
The song from Busk:

Busk logo
The song from Busk is ‘Left’.  It was a track that had Chris White of Hotel Arrival doing awesome bass stuff and The Grand Pig Chad Pendexter (Good Chad) doing awesome drum stuff.  I never got to feature it on CD/Tape.
Oh….wait…what am I rambling about?
Well I told you about the time in the studio and havin the kB37 to do most of the amp sounds I used:

Larry be in happy place mon
Well….I has a title and tentative songlist for that project.  If any of you old Wonderhead watchers are here you may recognize these
Through a Green Past of Logic and Redemption 
(Title of new project)
Floating Opalescent Love Soul
5/8 of Soul
Revision 3.1415926535–
Black Magnet
Cardinal Truths
Tune – Coalesce – Wonderhead – Suntouch

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Wonderhead Music

Currently Dave and I:

Dave on Left – Me on far right (duh) – random weirdo in middle ;p

are working on new music together.  This will be a Wonderhead/Radium Dawg project.

We will blur the blues line with droney, hypno, stoner goodness until our brains melt.

To that end:


I have purchased one of the Line 6 POD Studio KB37s.

This thing is superb.

I have decided to also dig out the “LOST” Wonderhead album that was never finished….and finish it.

/me raises glass

Here is it to making it all happen!

Calls have been made to:

Eric on left - Shawn on right - weird random guy in the middle

Eric (stackmasta/Wonderhead drummer…well one of anyhow)

Shawn – bassmastah – Supreme Monkeycrank Commander Dropper of Wrenches

Jeremy Scharping the Calculator of Chaos….we shall see we shall see….