Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Wonderhead Music

Currently Dave and I:

Dave on Left – Me on far right (duh) – random weirdo in middle ;p

are working on new music together.  This will be a Wonderhead/Radium Dawg project.

We will blur the blues line with droney, hypno, stoner goodness until our brains melt.

To that end:


I have purchased one of the Line 6 POD Studio KB37s.

This thing is superb.

I have decided to also dig out the “LOST” Wonderhead album that was never finished….and finish it.

/me raises glass

Here is it to making it all happen!

Calls have been made to:

Eric on left - Shawn on right - weird random guy in the middle

Eric (stackmasta/Wonderhead drummer…well one of anyhow)

Shawn – bassmastah – Supreme Monkeycrank Commander Dropper of Wrenches

Jeremy Scharping the Calculator of Chaos….we shall see we shall see….

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