Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My wife Melissa:

Melissa and 2 of the 3 Boys

Has agreed to take some of our meager funds and help the audio get ripped down.

We are going to send off all the old tapes and W00t!

Audio to put into the 24 track studio.

I am beginning to think of breaking it into a few littler projects and see what the reception is.  I got real ambitious there.

I think I may just remix and add a couple tracks to Suntouch (1st Wonderhead release).

Then I will take the second sessions and do the same …only….I will be finishing it.

The unfinished Wonderhead CD; Amalgam

For the 3rd set….. Dave and I will just do that ourselves and have it be a new Wonderhead release along with the Wonderhead / Radium Dawg thing.

Tune – Wonderhead – Black Magnet (slotted for the possible 3rd,as of yet, untitled release)

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