Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I would say.....
A year or so ago I wrote a song I have, tentatively, named The Edge.
I had tried this song a multitude of ways.
It is in an open tuning and is kind of bouncy in its way.
I added funky drums, latino drums, synth sounds.....
Ugh.  The list goes on.  I could find nothing that would work until this week.
I was tooling around in garage band and found a drum beat that just said:
“I am for that song ‘The Edge’.”
I pushed it around and tried it out with a couple companion beats.
It fit almost too perfectly.

442 is now:

The Edge
Clandestine Lament
Glazed, Lazed, & Not Quite Full of Praise
Tangentially Yours
Out From Under Chemical Starlight
The City and the Damage Done
Full Circle Dionysus


Thrust! - White Zombie - La Sexorcisto, Devil Music Volume 1

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