Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Complete Love and Adoration of Scrivener

How could you love anything more as a writer....

As far as tools go
It has them all....
And more.
Here is a beauty shot to me:

That is my Kindle 3 with my book in progress.
I like to read it on the Kindle to get my feel for the experience.
I managed to get a cover on and everything.
Table of Contents...
Here is my only gripe:

Amazon has no gen support for PPC Macs.
Like everyone in the world ran off and bought an intel mac.
Did I have one at one time?
The kids killed it with a spill.
Can I afford to just run off and get another?
I can spend 275 dollars for a G5 though....which is what I did.
And scrivener?
It is, hands down, the best $50 a writer could spend.

Tune - The Only Thing That Shines - Shriekback - Oil and Gold

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