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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Suntouch Remaster Enters Round 4

Although......I am pretty pleased with this one.
iTunes Test.

SlipShimmer - Wonderhead - Suntouch - Remaster-2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

442 and the Saga of Drums

Got some good news tonight.
Eric would be the drummer
Eric when we were Wonderhead

Shawn now

Eric sent me some midi and it loaded perfectly into various programs I use for my recording.
We are moving ahead with him doing drums on some of the tracks.
I remember Eric, very fondly, so this is great news for me.
We agreed to have Monkeycrank (Shawn above on the right) play on any song that Eric does drums for.
It will be almost like having the band back together.

At this point I am sure the 442 listing will change as I have more viability for harder hitting songs.

Cardinal - Wonderhead - unreleased



Today I began work on the Suntouch Remaster.
I am thrilled to hear new air around instruments and better alignments of sounds.
I did not know as much then as I do now and I feel I am making better choices about overall delivery.
I have been working on Coalesce for an hour or so and I keep flipping between the CD, the track and the bypass switch to make sure I am not dreaming...
I wish you were here.

Tune - Coalesce - Suntouch (Remastered)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ink Test Conclusions

Shan in the trees about to kill some dinnerZ.
I have been running the paces in my off time with Photoshop, Corel Painter, Illustrator, ArtRage, and on and on.
Conclusions I have drawn is that all these programs offer bennies over the other.
One, to me, stands as a clear workhorse champion.
That program is Photoshop.  As it ever was.  It offers the most flexibility while punching you in the face the entire time with its interface.  As it ever has.
Pen line, stroke line, render path…..over and over.  It does, however, work.  It works well.
Give me a goddamned stroke and render option.
I am pleased with the results on a few levels.
If I were to ink Shan in the trees in 1997:

I would use 6 different pens and probably use and entire ‘sharpie’.  I would hope I would not get so high from the fumes I would collapse and drool on art Bob and I created.  It would also take from 4-6 hours.
Today in …okay….yesterday in Photoshop I spent 2-3 hours.  No pens…no drool.
A happy side effect…this could be time or tools….I am not sure…but I made harder choices and went for a more deep contrast of lines.
This helped to actually create the look I had told Bob I was going for in the late 90s.
I gave him a list of people that I wanted to meld for a look:


Golden Baby

Michael Golden. My absolute, hands down, without a doubt favorite Doctor Strange artist.  Everything he has ever done is great.  Look at that droopy cape.  His look on Dr. Strange produces that noir feeling.  I loves that.

Bill Willingham

Bill….I just like his work. Smart and not afraid of funny.  I loved the Elementals.  GREAT book.


Mike Mignola.  Everything he does has an undefinable mystery.  He is the master of negative spacing.

Lone Wolf and Cub

Goseki Kojima.  He brought an attitude and quite grace to the page and story.
I think Bob and I have achieved that which I sought.  The new inking brings us elements from all of these artists and defines it as ours.  We have a true blending of our ascetics now.
I am anxious to get the new character breakdowns and to start seeing the pages roll in….and out.
Tune – Snail – Smashing Pumpkins (when Billy didn’t need a good teabaggin’)

Red Fang - Wires

These guys are making the most awesome music videos.
Kind of Ok Go! vids but with a huge sack.
It helps that their music totally kicks so much ass it is not even funny.


The Undertow - Red Fang - Murder the Mountains

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Warhammer Saturday Night.

So Tyler and I did not get to have our Thursday Night Fight Night.
We had it on Saturday.
Chaos Marines Versus Necrons

2520 points.
We have been moving our format over to BattleScribe.
We are really liking this product.
My List in 2520:
Xmas Killahs (2520pts)
0pt Chaos Space Marines 5th Ed (2007) Roster


* HQ (155pts)

    * Chaos Lord (155pts)
        Mark of Nurgle (20pts), Personal icon (5pts), Plasma Pistol (15pts), Single Lightning Claw (25pts)

* Elites (430pts)

    * Chaos Dreadnought (140pts)
        Extra Armour (15pts), Missile Launcher, Twin-Linked Lascannon (35pts)

    * Chaos Dreadnought (145pts)
        Extra Armour (15pts), Twin-Linked Lascannon (35pts)
        * Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (5pts)
            Heavy Flamer (5pts)

    * Chaos Dreadnought (145pts)
        Extra Armour (15pts), Twin-Linked Lascannon (35pts)
        * Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon (5pts)
            Heavy Flamer (5pts)

* Troops (1240pts)

    * Chaos Space Marines (265pts)
        10x Chaos Space Marine (150pts), Flamer (5pts), Khorne (30pts), Meltagun (10pts)
        * Aspiring Champion (70pts)
            Bolter, Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)

    * Chaos Space Marines (315pts)
        10x Chaos Space Marine (150pts), Flamer (5pts), Khorne (30pts), Meltagun (10pts)
        * Aspiring Champion (70pts)
            Bolter, Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)
        * Chaos Rhino (50pts)
            Havoc Launcher (15pts)

    * Plague Marines (305pts)
        2x Meltagun (20pts), 10x Plague Marine (230pts)
        * Plague Champion (55pts)
            Bolter, Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)

    * Plague Marines (355pts)
        2x Meltagun (20pts), 10x Plague Marine (230pts)
        * Chaos Rhino (50pts)
            Havoc Launcher (15pts)
        * Plague Champion (55pts)
            Bolter, Plasma Pistol (15pts), Power Fist (25pts)

* Heavy Support (595pts)

    * Chaos Havocs (265pts)
        6x Havoc (90pts), Lascannon (35pts), 3x Missile Launcher (60pts), Nurgle (50pts)
        * Aspiring Champion (30pts)
            Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Close Combat Weapon

    * Chaos Predator (105pts)
        Twin-Linked Lascannon (35pts)

    * Obliterator Cult (225pts)
        3x Obliterator (225pts)

* (No Category) (100pts)

    * Summoned Greater Daemon (100pts)

Tyler's Robots Dad Will Kill (2520pts)
2570pt Necrons 3rd Ed (2002) Roster


* HQ (400pts)

    * Necron Lord (200pts)
        Lightning Field (25pts), Phylactery (15pts), Staff of Light, Veil of Darkness (60pts)

    * Necron Lord (200pts)
        Gaze of Flame (15pts), Phase Shifter (30pts), Phylactery (15pts), Resurrection Orb (40pts), Staff of Light

* Elites (140pts)

    * Immortals (140pts)
        5x Immortals (140pts)

* Troops (990pts)

    * Necron Warriors (270pts)
        15x Necron Warrior (270pts)

    * Necron Warriors (360pts)
        20x Necron Warrior (360pts)

    * Necron Warriors (360pts)
        20x Necron Warrior (360pts)

* Fast Attack (520pts)

    * Destroyers (200pts)
        4x Destroyer (200pts)

    * Destroyers (200pts)
        4x Destroyer (200pts)

    * Scarab Swarms (120pts)
        10x Scarab Swarm (120pts)

* Heavy Support (470pts)

    * Monolith (235pts)

    * Monolith (235pts)

We were playing Battle Missions and it ended up Themed in the Roll Off.
It was Chaos Marine's Scorched Earth.
This gave me a bit of advantage and I would be lying if I said I did not use it :-D
End Results had me with 3 Claimed objectives and Tyler had 2.
He did manage to kill:

My Greater Daemon, Obliterators and moderate amount of my Mariney types.
I killed off of his:

A bunch of Destroyers and all of his little flyey thingies and a bunch of his T100s....and a SCSI DAT Drive that somehow snuck on.

The Objective layout was thusly:

Necrons positioned around 2 of the 5 objectives....uncontested thanks to withering firepower upon my poor defenseless Greater Daemon....all he did was eat 4 little Destroyers...I thought the Necrons could afford it. 

The Chaos Marines took over three objectives.  The Plagueys above held off shots from Necron Bitch Thieves for 3 rounds before they finally ran from a superb amount of fire from Havoc Launchers, Twin Link Bolters, a bunch of Khornate Marines, 2 Dreads (see below):

The Bastards.....that would be the OTHER 4 man (and I use the term lightly) Necron Destroyer Asshole Brigade..They wounded my 2 Nurgle Dreads...they were just picking flowers....and The Asshole Brigade ...TOTALLY shot them.....I mean....come on...picking flowers is like a crime now?
So they got revenge....
Chaos take that Flower Picker Haters!

3 to 2....
Take that!

Tune - Lyla - Oasis - Don't Believe the Truth

Soccer Day

Tyler started as goalie today.
It was one crazy day.
Tyler's team played 2 games and won 5-2 on each.
They are currently ranked #1 in their div.
Nathan's team did not fare so well.  They started strong and did well enough to have to go to round 3.
They were EXHAUSTED at that point.  They dug deep but lost by two to a cheating team.
I think they did great.
We went home and I started grilling:

Chicken breast coated in a hot chili lime sauce then doused with a rub of my own concoction.
When they were done they looked like this:

We also had some Lima Beans mixed with Black Eyed Peas (the good eatin' kind not the shitty band).

Those had a tbsp of butter with a tsp of sea salt.
It was nummy.

Tune - Sundream - Wonderhead - Suntouch

Friday, June 3, 2011


My Crazy Buddy Peter:


Pete is using some of the Wonderhead tracks from the album Suntouch in his Season 2 of in-saneness.
When he told me he was going to use Sundream I thought.
`Cool...the middle instrumental part`
I was wrong.  he used the beginning part that I have never been pleased with.
The guitar I was pleased with.  My vocal take was awkward as I had never sang and NOT played.
This song was always a live track and I was just accustomed to guitar in hand.
It is all good.

Here is a new acoustic version of the intro: