Saturday, June 4, 2011

Soccer Day

Tyler started as goalie today.
It was one crazy day.
Tyler's team played 2 games and won 5-2 on each.
They are currently ranked #1 in their div.
Nathan's team did not fare so well.  They started strong and did well enough to have to go to round 3.
They were EXHAUSTED at that point.  They dug deep but lost by two to a cheating team.
I think they did great.
We went home and I started grilling:

Chicken breast coated in a hot chili lime sauce then doused with a rub of my own concoction.
When they were done they looked like this:

We also had some Lima Beans mixed with Black Eyed Peas (the good eatin' kind not the shitty band).

Those had a tbsp of butter with a tsp of sea salt.
It was nummy.

Tune - Sundream - Wonderhead - Suntouch

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