Saturday, July 30, 2011


thinks Fiona on BURN NOTICE is one of the best characters on TV.

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  • Jeff Lyons likes this.

    • Jeff Lyons That is a good show.
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    • Russell Belding What you always have to remember when you're watching a show like Burn Notice, is that the Charcters Are Welcome. In any given situation where a certain amount of time has passed during the episode, the time for a commercial will come. You know it; the network knows it. And it's only a matter of time before you're fast forwarding through the commercial.
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    • Russell Belding The above to be said in the style of the main character's innumerable voiceovers.
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    • Rick Russell okay, your second comment made that first comment work better. But I do love Fiona,
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    • Larry Donnell Wow......really? I stopped watching it because they never killed her off. I loathed her so much I stopped watching....let me know if they kill her off....I will start watching again.
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Tune - Brighter Days - JJ Grey & MOFRO - Blackwater

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Justin Timberlake is the new Marky Mark

Has anyone seen this?:

I mean JT has come a long ass way.
He was great in Social Network....
He is like the new Marky Mark....except JT had music that was ok....
Wahlberg's was a crap-fest start to finish...but I like his acting.

Tune - Winter Song - Screaming Trees - Sweet Oblivion

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Caroline Says

Ran across the lyric sheet for this.
Nick Cogan and I used to do this together and I kept deviating more and more from the version until I had this.
I had never HEARD the song until today.
I always just ran with it.
I haven't played this in years.
I ran through it a couple times this morning to refresh my memory.  I then took the Zoom  Peter left here and ta-da:

It is not perfect but I am pleased to have played it again.

Tune - The Sun is Shining Down - JJ Grey & Mofo - Country Ghetto

Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Mic Fun Time

The whole family went out tonight to do some open mic goodness.
I met a cool dude named Drew who played a mean acoustic and had a powerful voice that leapt out from behind his friendly face and beardedness.
I was a wee bit on the nervous side as I had not performed in front of an audience since I had been married... middle boy had very few qualms...he rocked the Portal tune "Still Alive" and captured women's always...:


Tyler started a bit wavery then found his stride with a cover of Joe Purdy's "San Jose":


I got up and played a brand new came out ok but could have been better.
That was "The City and the Damage Done".
I then decided I needed to loosen up and played an oldy: "Apathy":


I then closed with the soft gentle depression of "Full Circle Dionysus.


Tune - Mirostar - LIVE - Wonderhead

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Warmachine over Warhammer

I have started a Cygnar army.  Tyler and I had a couple proxied battles using the FREE....yes ....FREE...
Quickstart rules that Privateer hands out.
My Unpainted Cygnar Awesomeness
I have been an avid 40K guy for a long time...
But price increases for using cheaper just seems vile and unforgivably greedy when the economy is tanking.
Privateer  is not doing this.  Overall the models are cheaper and the sculpt quality is high.
Most importantly though....the rules and armies are not bland.
I have loved the 40K universe and remember when there was a vibrancy to new materials.
It seems they are headed toward stagnation.
Where is the NEW Horus Heresy style storyline?
Where is the uniqueness in an army?
Examples of grief I have with it:
The new chaos space marines codex is fairly straight-forward.
Gone are the days of sacred numbers and bonuses in that for your Nurgle, Tzeentch, Khorne, & Slaanesh type of armies.
Gone with the wind....
Now it is all dumbed down.
Can I still have fun?
It just seems that every cool thing is being lowered to make way for dice rolling.
Take the strategy out and make everything a 4+ roll.
This way the guy who tries it for the first time won't feel left out or beaten.
I get that...
It is all about dollar and not about product or customer happiness.
I am truly starting to dig on Privateer  as they seem to have a two tine approach.
Awesome product and making money.
They have not lost sight of the fact that HAPPY fanboys spend even more money and time than abused fanboys.
Please keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who is a gaming geek.
I have 2000 point plus armies of:
Imperial Guard
Chaos Space Marines
Space Marines

Tyler has 2000 point plus of:

I started back in the Space Marine boxed set back in 1991.
I came back to the game after a long hiatus about 6 years ago....
It just has stagnated.
I still have some love for it but I am really intrigued by this steampunk goodness offered by Warmachine.

Thanks Privateer  for making me really love wargaming again.

Tune - Phototropic - Kyuss - ...And the Circus Leaves Town