Friday, July 15, 2011

Open Mic Fun Time

The whole family went out tonight to do some open mic goodness.
I met a cool dude named Drew who played a mean acoustic and had a powerful voice that leapt out from behind his friendly face and beardedness.
I was a wee bit on the nervous side as I had not performed in front of an audience since I had been married... middle boy had very few qualms...he rocked the Portal tune "Still Alive" and captured women's always...:

Tyler started a bit wavery then found his stride with a cover of Joe Purdy's "San Jose":

I got up and played a brand new came out ok but could have been better.
That was "The City and the Damage Done".
I then decided I needed to loosen up and played an oldy: "Apathy":

I then closed with the soft gentle depression of "Full Circle Dionysus.


Tune - Mirostar - LIVE - Wonderhead

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