Wednesday, August 3, 2011

While we are on a 'HATE WINDOWS XP' Rant


I had to go and write my first batch file since....god...I have no idea ....98? 99?
Windows update fuxx0r3d my shiz with verclsid.exe. The solution according to MICROS~1?


Fuck That.

I am just going to kill it every 15 minutes.
Then when "I GET AROUND TO IT IN MY OWN FUCKING TIME" will replace this box with something viable.

C:\Documents and Settings\ldonnell>schtasks /create /sc minute /mo 15 /tn "VERCLSID KILLAH" /tr c:\Windows\verc.bat
The task will be created under current logged-on user name ("NURGLE\ldonnell").
Please enter the run as password for NURGLE\ldonnell: ***************

SUCCESS: The scheduled task "VERCLSID KILLAH" has successfully been created.

C:\Documents and Settings\ldonnell>

Tune - The Duke - Blind Melon - Soup

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