Friday, October 14, 2011

An Open Letter to Harry Connolly

An Open Letter to Harry Connolly

In response to his blog post here:


I hear a lot of what you are saying.

I started to follow your writing because Butcher mentioned you.
I became a fan because of what you PUT TO WORD.

Maybe you came to the UF scene at a bad time?

I have felt that Ray was a more realized character on the first few pages of COF than Dresden was until around the 3rd book of the Dresden files.
Fool Moon was a fine book but was a beat by beat repeat of the first...formula wise.
I have felt the stretch you have given your books.
They are NEW.
They are energetic and they challenge the status quo of UF.
I agree with you on the artistic success bent.....they are fine fine books that I will keep and continue to read.
I love the fact that your monsters are cannot go in with expectations.
You have to wait to see what it will be.
Maybe the casual reader does not like that?
I do...and you have obviously started to build a fan base that DOES appreciate that.
I have re-tweeted everything of yours about your books to bring it to new readers.
I post your releases to my FB and G+...
I do this not as an author who hopes you will do the same.
I do this as a fan who wants you to continue your success so I can continue to get new work from you.
It is a selfish selfish reason but I think you won't mind :-D
I have bought everything you have on Amazon's Kindle store and will continue to so long as you don't suck...
I don't foresee that happening....
If Del Rey won't give you the way to publish Ray's tale...give us other awesome books....but...
Please continue Ray and Annalise's story...somehow.
I know we have emailed about this....but....
I would certainly buy more stories/books about the explodey thief.

This is my opinion in a rambling sort of way...
Your post has bothered me all day as I was just contemplating re-reading the books now since I was gonna have to wait a year for new R and A....

Keep writing Harry....I'll keep buying!


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