Sunday, October 18, 2015

Beautiful Night!

Noticed no one had the Movie Version of 'It's Gonna Be A Beautiful Night' lyrics up.  It is my favorite Prince creation.
Prince: When he was the fucking MAN!

Get up X3

Oh wee oh, oh oh (Oh wee oh, oh oh)

It's gonna be a beautiful, it's gonna be a beautiful night
U got your world 2gether, everything's lookin' alright
2night there's no 2morrow, this is gonna be the one
(Alright Paris, we gonna see how funky U are)
2night we're gonna lose our sorrow, 2night we're gonna have some fun
Say it
You, Say it
You, Say it

Little boy got the notion, get some love 2night
U better get your rap in motion 4 she out of sight
Little girl at the party, maybe she'd like 2 dance
Ring around the rosie, pocket full of chance
Say it
Just the drums...
You, Say it

Everybody get way down, 2night we're gonna ball
2night we're gonna get the bomb, y'all - I'm talkin' about the Detroit crawl

Everybody in the west, everybody in the east
Talk with me tonight, put it on your... chicken grease - ow

One More!

Everybody clap your hand now.  Come on.

{Poem by Edward Lear titled "The Table And The Chair" Sheila E.}

Said the Table 2 the Chair
"U can hardly be aware
How I suffer from the heat
And from chilblains on my feet"
"If we took a little walk
We might have a little talk
Pray let us take the air"
Said the Table 2 the Chair
(Can't nobody fuck with us {repeat})

Said the Chair unto the Table
"Now U know we are not able
How foolishly U talk
When U know we cannot walk"
Said the Table with a sigh
"It can do no harm 2 try
I've as many legs as U
Why can't we walk on 2?" (Say...)

So they both went slowly down
And walked about the town
With a cheerful bumpy sound
As they toddled round and round
And everybody cried
As they hastened 2 their side
"See! The Table and the Chair
Have come 2 take the air"
(Paris, y'all, can't nobody...) (Say it y'all)

But in going down an alley
2 a castle in the valley
They completely lost their way
And wandered all the day
Till, 2 see them safely back
They paid a Ducky-quack
And a Beetle, and a Mouse
Who took them 2 their house

When they whispered 2 each other
"O delightful little brother
What a lovely walk we've taken
Let us dine on Beans and Bacon"
So the Ducky, and the leetle (Say it, y'all)
Browny-Mousey and the Beetle
Dined, and danced upon their heads
Till they toddled 2 their beds

Good God, uh!
Come on clap your hands!

Beautiful night, y'all say it (Beautiful night)
Cuz everybody is feelin' alright y'all say it (feeling alright)
Its gonna be a Beautiful night, y'all say it (Beautiful night)
Cuz everybody is feelin' alright y'all say it (feeling alright)


Ladies and Gentleman, Cat!


Y'all ready to go home? (NO)
Anybody wanna go home? (NO)
Fuck it then, Let's party y'all. Uh.
Let's party y'all. Uh. Let's party y'all.
Clap your hands one time...Come on.

Ain't nothin' but muffin.
But we got a lotta butter to go.
uh.  I like it.
Come here cousin.
Say Brookes? (yeah!)
I'm feelin' like...
I'm feelin' like...
I'm feeling like I'm gonna kick somebodies ass up in here.  (well let's kick some ass then)

A-Train, uh!

Ow X4

Ain't nothin' but muffin.
But we got a lotta butter to go.
Everybody raise your hands in here, DO IT!
If your body gets tired keep dancing cuz ya gotta keep the blood flowing down to your feet.  Brother Brookes'll be around in minute with bucket filled in it Squirrel Meat!


Hit me in the back!

One More!


Beautiful night (Beautiful night)
feelin' alright (feeling alright)
Beautiful night, yeah (Beautiful night)
feelin' alright, y'all (feeling alright)


On the one y'all!



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